Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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For many women, having natural freckles seems like a curse. However, these specks are actually coming back in style and are seen by many as being sexy signs of beauty. In fact, Vogue magazine did a summer 2008 special edition just to showcase the gorgeous freckles many women possess.

One thing many men find sexy about freckles is their potential to capture the eyes’ attention. Seeing freckles on the face and arms often makes the eyes wander to the rest of the body and wonder just how many other freckles there might be. .Additionally, many men enjoy kissing and touching freckles and see them as the ultimate turn on.

Freckles also give a woman the much-desired “girl next door” look. Freckles are a sign of natural beauty rather than the fake glamour we see in women who coat themselves with makeup. Freckles also seem youthful, playful, and fun as they are often associated first and foremost with little children who laugh and play.

Finally, freckles are sexy because they are rare. They make a woman more unique, more interesting. This allure is enhanced by freckles that seem to only appear beneath the glow of the sun. Ultimately, women who have these beauty marks should embrace their genetics and learn to see their skin as a sign of sexiness because freckles are gorgeous.

As more and more people embrace the sexiness of freckles, whole freckle fan clubs have started appearing. This is especially true on the internet. The web is full of sites dedicated to freckled beauties who know that their skin is truly their best feature.

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Posted 40 days ago
Where is :-
Heather Graham, Lily Cole, Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks (Mad men), Jayma Mays (Glee), Rooney Mara (The Social Network, Oh yeh her sister Kate from 127 hours), Karine Vanasse (Pan Am- not forgetting Kelli Garner and Margot Robbie), Bryce Dallas Howard (spiderman 3), Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter), Amanda Righetti (the oc), Lauren Ambrose (6 ft under and Torchwood), Eve Myles (Torchwood), Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), Alicia Witt, Rachelle Lefevre, Danielle Harris, Laura Herring, Zena Grey,
Salma Hayek, America Ferrera, Ana Ortiz, Gillian Anderson (Spcial Agent Dana Scully), Stephanie Powers ( yes i know shes 69- but surley she deserves a mention for providing the world with over 50 yrs of freckled sexiness).
Obviously there are a lot or but that will do for now.

P.S Chelsea - Never hide them, the only thing you should put on them is sun tan lotion to protect them.
Big Dave
Posted 40 days ago
Big Dave
Posted 40 days ago
Posted 92 days ago
Freckles are the most beautiful thing
They are kisses from Jesus
Im blessed with so many all over my body thank you jesus
Posted 92 days ago
Well said chelsea. Should never hide who you are. There is always someone out there who will appreciate you just as you are. Glad there are sites like this to both give confidence to the freckle owners and to let others celebrate how adorable they are :)
Posted 174 days ago
Wow. I was online looking for another way (product) to help fade my freckles when I found this site. I have spent so much money on bleaching creams, chemical peels, sunscreen, and lemons (I apply lemon juice daily). After all of this, I still have freckles across my cheeks and nose. Seeing an actual website about celebrating women with freckles and casting them in such a sexy light, really changes the way I see myself. Perhaps I can start accepting my freckles and stop covering them with concealer and foundation. I hate wearing foundation, but I have always felt that I needed to hide them because I live in a predominately hispanic city and my natural blonde hair and grey eyes already make me stand out enough as it is..anyways, I feel like ive stumbled upon this site for a reason and im really glad it exists
Posted 193 days ago
I like woman with freckles, for me they are most beautiful than others, makes them specials
Posted 193 days ago
Posted 207 days ago
When I was a kid I thought I was cursed with red hair and freckles. Now I think everyone who does not have them is.

Kaylee if your going to leave a negative remark learn how to spell. Moron.
Posted 212 days ago
I am 14 and have lots of freckles and wavy, strawberry
blond hair. I've always seen my freckles as a disadvantage
because it brought me to wonder...if freckles are so amazing then why
don't the popular girls have them, after listening to the guys
who have commented before me i feel much better :) thanks
Posted 226 days ago
That's not even 10 mnuiets well spent!
Greg P
Posted 250 days ago
I never knew how sexy freckle faced women were until I started seeing fellow mom from my daughters school. I couldn't believe what a turn on they were. If you have freckles, you are the sexiest women on the planet. And the most passionate lovers. I never want anything else now. so Girls,, show them off!!! Guys love them,, and if they don't show them why they should leave their Barbie doll girlfriends for you. One night should convince them,, it did me.
Posted 255 days ago
A face without freckles , is like sky without stars.
@ natalie, he save your money , dont use foundation.

BTW, y isnt there Evangeline lilly on the list?!?!?
Posted 302 days ago
Freckles are the most beautiful asset a girl can have on her face! Freckles also help keep a girl looking young and pretty most of her life. Whenever I see a girl with a freckled face, I have to stop and say HI to her because she's so pretty. I really hate it when girls try and cover up their freckles with makeup too. Show them off! Freckles are hot!
Posted 439 days ago
I find women with freckles to be a huge turn on for me. I love them and there never can be too many. I love them on a woman's legs.
Posted 473 days ago
Hi Natalie, trust me when I say "freckles are really HOT!". I can only speak for myself but i am sure most guys will agree.
Posted 473 days ago
i have freckles on my face and my arms but where i live not many people have freckles and i always get teazed about it, and for school everyday i have to put foundation on to feel comfortable with the way i look..i want to know do boys find freckles a turn off?
Posted 558 days ago
I have always found freckled women attractive. I am not sure why. I do not understand why women feel unattractive because of this or for red hair. I used to date a woman who dyed here hair blond even though she had red hair. She was gorgeous, but hated being a red head with freckles. | Add Links | Resources | Disclaimer | Privacy | Last Updated: 27 Jan 2012