Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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Lucy Liu - Sexy Freckles

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Lucy Liu, born December 2, 1968, was a blessing given to Chinese immigrants living in New York. As a person, Liu has been striving for balance between her indulgence in her cultural heritage and her going beyond the traditional Asian-American experience. Because of her Chinese origins, she was once part of the “ethnic” parts but the stress experienced from it molded her into the leading lady she is now.

In her senior year in the University of Michigan, she auditioned for an Alice in Wonderland production and got the lead role. From this experience, she decided to get into professional acting. She moved to Los Angeles and juggled her time between auditions and day jobs. Finally, she got a guest appearance in Beverly Hills 90210 in 1990. This appearance led to more walk-on parts in ER, The X Files, and NYPD Blue.

Liu made her first big screen debut appearance as Jerry Maguire’s ex-girlfriend in the movie. Then, she got her first big break on Ally McBeal, where she was first cast as the growling lawyer Ling Woo before signing on as a regular cast. Her stint at Ally McBeal lead to bigger roles in the following years as a cast of Payback, Play It to the Bone, Shanghai Noon, and the ever-famous Charlie’s Angels.

When not filming, Liu is busy indulging in her off-screen hobbies of Kali-Eskrima-Silat, rock-climbing, horse-riding, and accordion playing.

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Lucy Liu Page 1 - 2

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Lucy is beyond breathtakingly stunning. Her beauty is from within and without. My pick for the "worlds most beautiful Lady".
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This is my favorite woman of all time. I have never seen another female who even comes close to her beauty.
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I want to marry that sexy woman. She has to be one the worlds most beautiful ladies. WOW!!!!
Virgil Rodrigues
Posted 1803 days ago
I did'nt expect chinky people had freckles but obviously I stand corrected and I Am very chinese being born in Hong Kong Myself
Posted 2121 days ago
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