Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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Marissa Miller is a well-known American model who is recognized for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Victorias Secret magazine issues. She started working with both companies after she completed a brief photo stint with photographer Mario Testino. The latter part of 2007 saw Miller as one of Victorias Secret Angels. In the following year, she was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated 2008 Swimsuit Issue.

Millers accomplishments allowed people to label her rise to fame as the return of the great American supermodel. She also has contracts with known companies like Harley-Davidson. In 2008, she gained the number 1 spot in Maxims Hot 100 List. Although she acknowledges this to be very flattering, she makes it a point to not let it get to her head.

She finished first in The Best Damn Sports Show Period "Smokin' Sixteen" competition, winning over Gisele Bundchen and other models. She married Jim Miller in 2000 but separated from him in 2002. Now, she is with Hollywood producer Griffin Guess.

Miller loves surfing and enjoys different kinds of sports including volleyball and boxing. Apart from modeling, Miller is also an ambassador for the American Cancer Society. She also supports the Young Survival coalition

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