Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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Posted 981 days ago
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Posted 983 days ago
on other blogs, as a designer, I have no idea how any sutlniaabse change can occur with the drabness available online today. I am on a mission to sort this out. We need a play box of creativity for designers and engineers to revolutionize the way we see content online.Fonts that make people feel and react.Color for the people to play and interact.Why not?
Posted 985 days ago
Everytime I come to this site I come away with something new. What I like about your blog site is that it cintaons thoughts, process and ways of looking at things you do not see elsewhere.So many blogs are comments on what other people say, or following the latest theme on twitter.I wish I had something to add to your thoughts but you are way ahead of me.Don't worry, I am not stalking you, I am in the UK. http://snvbyheehgd.c om [url=http://powmqb.c om]powmqb[/url] [link=http://zecvknh .com]zecvknh[/link]
Posted 985 days ago
i agree. so many of us get stuck in our silos and don't send up enough cmvnumicatioe signals to clue in those who might care about what we're doing. the biggest threat the internet poses to humanity is the give us the illusion that we are actually a village we are not. at least not in the nurturing sense. so the trend of social media might save us from isolation but only if we pursue the conversations further than just the clever sound bites that still seem to be pervasive. deeper people, deeper.
Posted 986 days ago
I think you raise some interesting pnotis and I agree with you that EQ and IQ need to have a bridge however If I refer to the dictionary definitions of communication I think some caution needs to be understood re social media1. To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood2. to have a sympathetic mutual understandingI' ll use twitter as an example as that appears to be flavour of the month. Neither of the above two things can be accomplished in 140 characters. Certainly they allow a connection to take place (much like the synapses that fire between neurons in the brain) however connection is not the same as communication. I have observed all sorts of misunderstandings on twitter which have resulted in issues for the parties concerned. Of course if people want to use that connection and take it further (meeting up for instance)then yes communication is possible.Mike AshworthBusiness and Marketing CoachUK@mikeashworth | Add Links | Resources | Disclaimer | Privacy | Last Updated: 27 Jan 2012