Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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Posted 1700 days ago
MEF1IP mrzdtglsmzbm
Posted 1703 days ago
Leah Blatt - Jeannie, I did cut my hair about a month ago and I'm glad you noticed!Tabitha, I knew you were good at what you do, but WOW. There's a good reosan I was counting down the days to see these! I feel SO honored and so grateful. I will treasure these photographs for years to come and they will always remind me of our fun afternoon! This shoot was a great excuse to spend time with you BTW, the funny thing is I meant to write That is quite a gift you are GIVING to people but nonetheless it still gets the same point across
Simple Lad
Posted 2199 days ago
Posted 2356 days ago
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