Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces
Slide show of the internet's most interesting freckled faces

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Amit Freidman- Sexy Freckles

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Amit Freidman is one of the hottest Israeli girls around today. She is a ravishing redhead and has freckles all over her body. She is an Israeli model who is known for the work she has done with Amiís Angels. Although she isnít really that much of a celebrity, she has caught the publicís attention for her wonderful body and a nice set of abs.

Freidman is a native of Tel-Aviv, Israel and was born on July 1, 1985. She is towering at 5í8Ē and has a pretty face. With regards to modeling, Freidman prefers to be somebody else during a photo shoot. She does not like doing pictures as herself and loves to be made up as someone different.

She also loves surfing. In fact, the first thing she does every morning is to check the weather and the surf condition online. If she finds that the waves are good, she immediately makes her way to Tel-Aviv beach which is 10 minutes away from where she is living.

Amit Freidman is definitely one model to look out for because her professional modeling career is still on the rise. That is besides the fact that she has captured a lot of guyís fantasies with her present photos.

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Amit Freidman Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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